Update Theme from WordPress Dashboard

Before you could update the theme, you must enter purchase number you got from ThemeForest. Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Theme Information & Update then enter purchase number and save the changes. To check if there are any updates of Billio Theme, navigate to Appearance > Themes There […]

Billio – Set up Different Banner Image for Each Pages

To make each pages have different banner image follow the steps below : Step 1 – Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Banner. Step 2 – Choose Page Banner Image as Background Banner Type then Save the Theme Options. Step 3 – Navigate to a page editor. Step 4 […]

Billio – Set up Full Width Background

As default, image background attached to Visual Composer Row element will be displayed to full fill the section. To make it full width the screen, follow the steps below : Step 1 – Click pencil icon to set Row Settings. Step 2 – Click Extended Options Tab on Row Settings. […]

Billio – Setting up Download Button

It is easy to add a drowpdown download button to a page in Billio Theme. Step 1 – Add Media Download Visual Composer element to Row and set the button label. Step 2 – Add Media Visual Composer element to Media Download Visual Composer element and then set the title […]

Billio – Setting up One Page Site

You can create One Page Site with Billio Theme. You do not have to create multiple pages in order to generate the One Page Site, you need to create only one and simply add extra id to row in your page. This is a neat way to put all content […]