Billio – Importing Spare Parts Demo

The Spare Parts demo is included in the Heavy Equipment demo, you can check it out on our demo site here : and then on the menu navigate to Products > Spare Parts and you’ll see the Spare Parts demo. If you want the Spare Parts page as your front […]

Create Theme Options Settings’ Backup

To back up the Theme Options’ settings before updating the theme is recommended, here’s how you export the Theme Options’ settings into a file. Go to Appearance > Theme Options then go to the Import/Export tab Click on the Download button to export the settings in a json file the json file […]

Troubleshooting Tips

Update To The Latest Version Most of the bugs that occured usually fixed in the newest version, so it’s a good idea to update WordPress, plugin, and theme regularly. You can check for the newest update available on the Update menu on your WordPress dashboard sidebar. Clear & Disable All Caches If […]

Krypton – Styling Options

On Styling Options, you can select the main color to be used in your site easily so you dont have to edit every single element’s color, also in this menu you can choose the primary font and the secondary font to be used on the site.

Krypton – Map Settings

On the Krypton Options menu you have an option to set the general Map Settings that can be displayed using Krypton Map element. Here are the options that’s available on Map Settings : Address : you can add an address to be showed at the bottom of the Krypton Map element […]

Krypton – Testimonial Module

You can easily add a testimonials on the Krypton theme using Testimonials page on the dashboard. To add a new testimonial click on the Testimonials > Add new from the Dashboard sidebar. Testimonial Description, Client Information, and Client’s Image On the testimonial’s edit page you can add a Testimonial Description, Client information, […]

Krypton – Team Module

Krypton theme allows you to have a team member profile for your site. You can add or edit a member from your WordPress dashboard by clicking on the Team menu on the sidebar. Adding a new team member profile To add a new team member profile you can click on […]

Krypton – Footer Settings

you can find Krypton’s footer settings in Appearance > Theme Options and then go to Footer tab. Options in this Footer Settings are : Enable/disable footer : you can choose to enable or disable footer on your site. Footer Text : you can choose what text that will be displayed on the footer, […]

Krypton – Banner Settings

This options are used to customize the banner on your site’s pages. You can find this options on Appearance > Theme Options then go to the General Settings tab. Display header is to select whether you want the pages on your site to display a banner or not. To set up the banner’s […]