H&D – How To Set-up One Page Site

You can create One Page Site with H&D Theme. You do not have to create multiple pages in order to generate the One Page Site, you need to create only one and simply add extra id to row in your page. This is a neat way to put all

content on one page and the navigation will scroll directly to the according page section. Like a complete website, with all information on one page. Generating the page is simple as is the custom menu construction.

Generate One Page Sections

Step 1 – Navigate to Pages > Add New and fill in the page title.

Step 2 – Add Row Visual Composer Element and fill the row with Content.

Step 3 – Edit Row Settings by clicking pencil icon then fill Extra id field with a value for example ‘section-1’

Set up One Page

Step 4 – Save Row and Page.

Generate One Page Navigation

Step 1 – Navigate to Appearance > Menus and click Create a New Menu.

Step 2 – Open Link item, enter the URL, which is #one-page-section-id (for example: #section-1) and the Title is of your choice. Press Add to Menu

Set up One Page

Step 3 – Drag and reorder these generated menu items, add icons to the items until you get the desired navigation layout. Save the Menu.

Step 4 – Scroll down the menu editor and check Top Navigation check box.

Set up One Page

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