Krypton – Team Module

Krypton theme allows you to have a team member profile for your site. You can add or edit a member from your WordPress dashboard by clicking on the Team menu on the sidebar.

Adding a new team member profile

To add a new team member profile you can click on the Add New button under the Team menu on the wordpress admin sidebar.

Team member brief description, profile picture, and member info

On the team member’s edit page you can add a brief description, profile picture, and member info. For the profile picture you can add the member’s picture on the Featured Image.

Showing Team Module on a page

To show a team module on a page, you can add a Team Block element in the deTheme Editor mode. Here’s the settings to customize how the Team Block is going to look on the page.

You can choose which of the team member is going to be showed on Select team members, how many team members to be showed on Items count, how many items per line on the team block element to be showed, team member order, animation type, and so on.

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