Zeyn – General Settings

In General Settings tab you can :

  • Set up Website’s main layout (full width content, content with left sidebar, or content with right sidebar)
  • Enable/Disable Boxed Layout.
  • Set up Body Background Image for Boxed Layout
  • Set up Body Background Color for Boxed Layout
  • Set up Boxed Layout Background Image
  • Set up Boxed Layout Background Color
  • Set up Favicon image.
  • Enable/Disable Lightbox 1st Visit.
  • Set up The Title of the lightbox.
  • Set up The Content of the lightbox.
  • Set up Lightbox Delay in seconds.
  • Set up Lightbox Cookie Expiry in hours.
  • Enable/Disable Page Loader
  • Enable/Disable Sticky Sidebar
  • Set up Sticky Sidebar Position (Right or Left).
  • Set up Sticky Sidebar Margin in pixel.
  • Set up the content of exit popup. Read also Page Attributes & SEO to turn off Exit Popup on specific page.
  • Enable/Disable Page Comment.
  • Enable/Disable Post Comment.
  • Enable/Disable Portfolio Comment.
  • Set up 404 error text and image.
  • Choose Image Modal Effects Option for gallery. There are up to 19 Modal Effects Option.

Here’s how General Settings panel looks like :

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