Billio – Add & Show Project/Equipment Posts

Both Project and Equipment posts use Essential Grid Custom Type Post. To access Essential Grid Posts, navigate to this following url : [your_domain/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=essential_grid](your_domain/wp-admin/edit.php?


We have modified Essential Grid Custom Type Post to allow user to change its name and its permalink. Go to Settings sub tab to configure them.

Add Project / Equipment items gallery

Please, follow the steps below to add project / equipment items

Step 1 – Navigate to this following url : your_domain/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=essential_grid then click ‘Add New’ sub tab.

Step 2 – Enter your Project / Equipment title in the upper field.

Step 3 – Make sure you have Backend Editor mode selected. If you have not, you will see Backend Editor button appear under Page Title, then click it.

Backend Editor

Step 4 – Click on Templates icon


Step 5 – Select Project Layout ( or Equipment Layout ). It might take a while for your machine to render the layout. Please wait and do no interrupt the process.

Step 6 – Once the layout is loaded. Simply replace texts, titles, and images with your own content.

Showing Project / Equipment items gallery

If you have imported 1-Click Demo Import, All Services page will be automatically set. If you did not import it, please follow these steps below :

Step 1 – You need to use Essential Grid Plugin in order to list your Service posts. Make sure Essential Grid plugin is installed and activated.

Step 2 – Go to to Dashboard > Ess. Grid > Import / Export. Click on Import , choose the Essential Grid demo file under Demo Content/Essential Grid, pick one file based on the theme you are working on, then click Import.

Step 3 – Navigate to Dashboard > Ess. Grid , click on the Settings ( green button ) for Projects ( or Equipment).

Step 4 – Click Source tab, select Post Types to Services ( or any name Post Types and specify the Post Categories. Leave other settings as is.

Step 5 – Click Save Grid green button at top right of the browser window.

Step 6 – Choose your grid , then hit Add Selected Grid.

Step 7 – Publish the page.


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