Cleanco – Installing Theme

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Unzip and you’ll find a demo_content folder.

  1. Install Theme from : Appearance > Themes > Add New on the next page click Upload Theme.
  2. Activate the theme you’ve just installed.
  3. After activating Cleanco theme, there’s a notification saying this theme requiring you to install plugins, you can start by clinking Begin installing plugins.
  4. After all the plugins installed, activate All Plugins
  5. You need to install WooCommerce, go to Plugins > Add New. Search for WooCommerce, then install
  6. Continue by installing WooCommerce Pages
  7. Go to Tools > Import and click WordPress then upload demo_content.xml from demo_content folder. click Upload File and Import. Tick the Download and import file attachments then click Submit.
  8. Same step as above but now import contact_form7.xml
  9. now go to Tools > Import and click Options, choose wp_options.json and click Upload file and import.
  10. Open theme_options.json using text editor, copy whole codes. And paste to Theme Options > Import / Export > Import From File. Click Import Selected Options on the next page.
  11. Go to Appearance > Menus edit Main Menu. On Logo Here menu item, tick ‘Logo here’ checkbox. Continue scrolling to bottom Theme Locations and tick Top Navigation, click Save Menu when you finish.
  12. Go to Revolution Slider > Import Slider upload,, and by clicking green Import Slider button and choose your file on the dialog, then click Import Slider after you choose your file.
  13. Go to Punch Fonts on your sidebar and click Add new, on Handle add raleway-600 and on Parameter add raleway-600 click Add Font when you finish.
    Do it again but add open-sans on Handle and open+Sans on Parameter instead.
  14. Open a new tab and navigate to : /your-domain/wp-admin/admin.php?page=revslider. Edit Cleanco Service slider by clicking Settings green button, scroll down and go to CSS/ Javascript tab, paste this javascript code to Custom Javascript:

(function() {
var win, slider, sliderHeight, sliderPaused, winHeight, firstRun = true;
slider = revapi2.on('revolution.slide.onloaded', function() {
win = jQuery(window).on('scroll', checkScroll).on('resize', sizer);
function sizer() {
sliderHeight = slider.height();
winHeight = win.height();
firstRun = false;
function checkScroll() {
var scrTop = win.scrollTop(),
offset = slider.offset().top;
if(offset <= scrTop + winHeight && offset + sliderHeight >= scrTop) {'scroll', checkScroll).off('resize', sizer);
if(firstRun) {
timer = setTimeout(function() {
}, 250);
sliderPaused = false;
if(sliderPaused) slider.revshowslide(2);
sliderPaused = false;
else {
if(!sliderPaused) slider.revshowslide(1);
sliderPaused = true;

Pay attention to underlined revapi2 above, replace ‘2’ with your slider ID, which can be seen from your browser url ?page=revslider&view=slider&id=2. I got “1” on my slider ID so i’m changing revapi2 into revapi1.

click green Save Settings to finish.

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