Krypton – General Settings

Here you can customize how your site’s going to look by using Krypton’s General Settings. These are the settings that avalaible on the General Settings tab :

Main Layout

You can choose the layout that will be used on the theme.  You can choose between Full Width, left column or right column.

Desktop Logo

You can choose an image that will be used as a logo on the navigation bar.

Mobile Logo

this option is the same as a Desktop Logo option above but this one is to set the image that will be used if it’s viewed on the mobile.

Favicon Image

This option allows you to change a Favicon image for your site.


Content Top Margin

Customize the space between the content and the banner using this option.

Image Gallery modal effect

This option allows you to choose what effects to be used when you want to open an image in a page.

Search Bar & Comment Post/Portfolio

The search bar option is to select whether the search bar will or will not be displayed on the main navigation.
The Comment Post/Portfolio option is to enable or disable comment for post or portfolio page.

404 Error Text & 404 Error Image

This options allows you to choose what image and text to be displayed on the 404 page.

Contact Form Email Destination

this option is to specify where the email is going to be sent by the Contact Form.

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