Provolio – Translating The Theme

Provolio is localized and you can easily translate it to any language you want. Please make sure that the font that you are using on your website is supporting your language characters. For example Cyrillic characters.

The theme has been translated into two languages : English and Indonesian. Inside provolio > languages folder, you will find .po / .mo files for those languages.

Translate to any other language

In order to translate the theme to any other language, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Duplicate this file provolio/languages/en_us.po into wp-content/languages/themes

Step 2 – Rename it to your language code, with a prefix detheme- ( for example detheme-id_ID.po for Indonesian Language )

Step 3 – Open it using poedit. Search for string you want to translated, and then save it.

Step 4 – Poeditor will generate .mo file. Upload this file into a same folder as .pofile.

Step 5 – Rename /provolio/languages directory into something else, for example lang, in order to disable this folder from wordpress language indexing.

Step 6 – Once you’ve done with steps above, navigate to Settings > General > Site Language. Select your language from select option.

Send us your translation!

If you translate Provolio into a language that isn’t included, then we’d really appreciate it if you could send it to us. It will be helpful to other users and also you wouldn’t have to worry about theme updates. We will give you credits for the translation on our theme description page. Thanks!

Send us your translation

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