Zeyn – Importing Demo Content

You can start begin using this theme by importing demo content. You can get the demo content in demo_content folder file where this file is included in installation zip file.

Inside this folder you’ll find 7 files demo content and a folder named rev_slider.

Inside this folder you’ll find 4 files demo content (.xml), 1 file WP Options (.json) and 2 folders named rev_slider and themes_option.

The 4 files demo contents i.e :

  • demo_content.xml, contains Zeyn wordpress demo contents such as Pages and Posts. Import this demo content through menu Tools > Import then choose WordPress.
  • zeyn.contactform7.xml, contains Zeyn Contact Form 7 contents. Import this demo content through menu Tools > Import then choose WordPress.
  • portfolio.xml, contains Zeyn Portfolio Custom Post contents. Import this demo content through menu Tools > Import then choose WordPress.
  • woocommerce_content.xml, contains Zeyn Woocommerce contents. Import this demo
    content through menu Tools > Import then choose WordPress.

1 file WordPress Options i.e :

wp_options.json, contains WordPress Options settings. Import this demo content through menu Tools > Import then choose Options. Click browse button, select file wp_options.json then click Upload file and Import button.

In folder themes_option you will find 14 JSON files. Each file contains different Theme Options settings. Import this demo content through menu Appearance > Theme Options then choose Import / Export tab. Click Import from file button, open a file JSON then copy and paste file content to text area, then click Import button.(see also Import / Export Theme Options)

In folder rev_slider you will find 14 ZIP files. Import this Revolution Slider zip files through menu Revolution Slider > Import Slider.

Example Importing Demo : Restaurant

  1. From Admin Panel : Tools > Import > WordPress, click choose file button and then select corresponding file from demo_content/demo_content.xml. Continue with Upload File and Import.
  2. As Restaurant demo page contains Reservation Form, we need to restore it as well. Repeat the step above, and import this file : demo_content/contactform7.xml
  3. Food gallery section is portfolio type post. To restore it, open : demo-content/portfolio.xml, repeat the step #1.
  4. Open up restaurant json file using text editor from demo_content/themes_option/theme_restaurant.json, copy all of its code.
  5. Next we import JSON file from : Appearance > Theme Options > Import / Export Click Import From File button, and paste your copied code to the textarea. Continue with clicking Import button.
  6. Importing slider is done from Revolution Slider menu, click Import Slider green button on the right hand side of the screen. Select from demo_content/rev_slider/zeyn_resto.zip, and click Import Slider.
  7. Navigate to : Appearance > Menus > Manage Location and then choose Main Menu on the drop down list. click Save Changes when you finish.
  8. Go to Settings > Reading and choose Restaurant on the drop down menu and save changes when you done.
  9. Go to Revolution Slider tab and click Import Slider.
  10. Choose zeyn_resto.zip on your demo content folder and then click Import Slider.

Here’s how the website looks like after you finish :

Please note that images are not included in the theme package. They are used for demo purpose only. please see : FAQ : No Photo on Downloaded Theme

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